Water Limitation Devices for Residential and Commercial Rental Properties

Tap-Off is a supplier and installer of Water Limitation Devices for all forms of properties. We also specialise in setting daily/monthly limits onto your current Water Meter Devices.

Tap-off was established to assist Homeowners, Businesses, Landlords and Body Corporates in ensuring that they do not fall victim to fines due to reckless and negligently or mistakenly exceeding the allocated daily/monthly quota of water. Water Limitation software also ensures that each tenant gets a fair allocation of water and that nobody can misuse water to the detriment of other sharing the same property.

Due to good rainfall the City of Cape has announced that it has lowered water restrictions to Level 3 as from 1 December 2018. Residents and visitors in Cape Town are restricted to using 105 litres of treated water per person, per day, for the purposes of drinking, washing and cooking.


We are a preferred partner of Utility Systems for water limiting software which is an industry leader in the field of remote communicating electronic water control valves and STS prepayment devices.

Our Water limiting software can be loaded onto any Water Meter manufactured by Utility Systems from 2017. If your Water-Meter is older than 2017, you are welcome to chat to us about upgrading the hardware in your meter to accommodate the limiting software.

For more info on water-limiting software contact Gary on 0825535903


For Prepaid Water and Electricity Meters, please visit our sister company’s website on http://eprepaid.co.za/