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Water Limitation Meter

Tap-Off specialises is Water Restrictions devices for all properties…avoid fines from the City Council with our water- flow meters which have a daily and monthly cut-off allocation to ensure that you do not exceed your council water allocation.

  • Wall-Mounted Water Limitation Meter R2695.00
  • Limiting Software set to daily/monthly limit  R300.00
  • Installation R750.00

All of our meters are Pre-Paid ready which is highly useful if you own a rental property!









Programming of daily/monthly cut-off limits for prepaid Water Sub-Meters in Rental Properties

  • Setting of Limiting software purchased with meter R300.00/meter
  • Setting of Limiting software on-site after installation R450.00/meter
  • Setting of Limiting software on-site for multiple meters R350.00/meter


Wireless Keypad for the monitoring of your Municipal Water Meter Device’s (WMD) usage and daily/monthly limit in the comfort of your own home R899-00

The UIU is a remote display unit mounted inside the home which interacts with the Water Meter Device and Bulk Water Meter Device, which are generally installed in a meter box outside a consumer’s home.

The UIU is a remote display unit installed in the customer’s home. It provides the gateway to the WMD installed outside the premises in a water meter box.

The function of the UIU, which is paired with the WMD during setup, is to:

·        Display the meter reading as reflected by the WMD

·        Display remaining allocation available to the consumer

·        Provide leak and tamper alarms for the consumer

·        Display your meter number for easy dealing with council queries

The UIU can be wall mounted or hand held.


Water Saving Aerators for Taps and Showers

Neoperl aerators and flow regulators will reduce your consumption from 60% up to 98 % on water used in your taps and showers.

Neoperl is an international brand and the product is imported from Europe and carries a 5 year guarantee.

Standard Tap Aerators run at a flow rate of 12-15 Litres per minute, the Neoperl aerators and nozzles below run at a flow rate of 2 Litres per minute down to 0.25 Litres per minute….imagine the saving in water and money!


  • Atomizer Single Jet-  a 0.6 Litre per minute aerator comfortable for washing hands. This product is highly suited to the business and hospitality industry R105.00ea



  • Mikado- 1.4 Litre per minute R85.00ea- Ideal for bathroom taps at home/work



  • Aerator– 2 Litres per minute R75.00ea- Good for kitchen sinks at home


  • Flow regulators– 6 Litres per minute R50.00ea- Ideal for shower use 


                                              The above pricing excludes delivery!

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