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Water Limitation Meter

Tap-Off specialises in Prepaid Water Sub-meters and Water Restrictions devices for all properties…avoid fines from the City Council with our Water Limitation Meters which have a daily and monthly cut-off allocation to ensure that you do not exceed your council water allocation.

  • Wall-Mounted Prepaid Water Sub-Meter             R2695.00
  • Wall-Mounted Water Limitation Meter                  R2995.00
  • Limiting Software set to daily/monthly limit           R  300.00
  • Water Meter Installation                                          R  750.00

Installation price does not include chopping into walls or uplifting concrete or driveways bricks.

All of our meters are Pre-Paid ready which is highly useful if you own a rental property!










Programming of daily/monthly cut-off limits for prepaid Water Sub-Meters in Rental Properties

  • Setting of Limiting software purchased with meter           R350.00/meter
  • Setting of Limiting software on-site after installation         R495.00/meter
  • Setting of Limiting software on-site for multiple meters     R395.00/meter

Water-Meter Audits for your current meters R650.00/report

Tap-Off has the ability to draw a water-meter audit report of any water meter which shows a minute by minute analysis of every drop of water used over a period of time. The audit report is a very useful tool to assist in solving disputes with tenants over water usage.

Wireless Keypad for the monitoring of your Municipal Water Meter Device’s (WMD) usage and daily/monthly limit in the comfort of your own home R899-00

The UIU is a remote display unit mounted inside the home which interacts with the Water Meter Device and Bulk Water Meter Device, which are generally installed in a meter box outside a consumer’s home.

The UIU is a remote display unit installed in the customer’s home. It provides the gateway to the WMD installed outside the premises in a water meter box.

The function of the UIU, which is paired with the WMD during setup, is to:

·        Display the meter reading as reflected by the WMD

·        Display remaining allocation available to the consumer

·        Provide leak and tamper alarms for the consumer

·        Display your meter number for easy dealing with council queries

The UIU can be wall mounted or hand held.